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We would like to invite you to our weekly contest for the best level advance screenshot. We will be posting new editions of screenshots on our website on Fridays (if we receive enough pictures). Character on a featured screenshot will be awarded with 1000 points. Please send your pictures to our e-mail address:

1 screenshot per character (in each edition)
Minimum 150 level
Unedited game window

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A week has passed since the start of Ambera and we must admit that we weren't expecting such success! Everyday we have over 1000 players online and the record was set at 1242 active players and a total of 1600 players in game! During this time our support answered 1012 reports in game and lots of e-mails as well as messages on forum! Thank you for trusting us!

Over the last week we were busy fixing bugs reported by you. We still have a few reported things to get fixed but we are slowly getting back to normal and can focus on other things. What have we prepared for the next week?

On Monday we will turn on raids on the server. We encourage you to participate because you can get raid tokens which are required for fighting bosses in Rise of the Bosses quest.

We will also turn on events on the server - castle siege, massive team battle, quiz.

There will be a few updates on the website which you mentioned (e.g. impossibility to leave a guild which is in war).

Please report all server bugs on our forum: bug reports.

We would like to kindly thank you all again for your trust :) We hope it won't change and Ambera 8.6 will last as long as Hexana or Hexera ;-)


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Like our fanpage and share + like the following post: [link] to participate in a 1000 shop points raffle! On Friday at 18:00 CEST and Saturday at 18:00 CEST we will draw 5 players who will get the prize! Good luck!

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On Saturday 29.10 12:00 the creators of legendary Hexana and Hexera will launch a new server -!
Ambera Retro is going to be a fun 8.6 server with 8 additional towns! If you love RPG and discovering new things - join us today and enjoy several custom long quests!

Server start: Saturday, 29.10.2016 12:00 CEST (Central Europe)

- Real Map 8.6 + 8 custom towns!
- A lot of new quests - every town has it's own secrets and quests. A lot of new content awaits you!
- Unique weapons - weapons can have additional stats such as bonus hp, protection, dodge or critical strike!
- Merchant system - create your own merchant in town who will be buying and selling items for you!
- Custom AI bosses - challenging bosses with unique AI and attacks.

Additional systems
- Cast System
- Anti Kick protection - if you get kicked there is a high chance that our system will prevent your death!
- Server Crash protection - in case of server crashes - you lose nothing! We are able to recover all information about your character!

- Castle War event.
- Massive Team Battle.
- Trivia (Quiz)

World Events
Custom world events prepared for Ambera!

Exp Stages
1 - 29 - 60x
30 - 49 - 50x
50 - 69 - 35x
70 - 99 - 25x
100 - 124 - 20x
125 - 149 - 15x
150 - 179 - 10x
180 - 219 - 5x
220 - 269 - 3x
270+ - 2x

(... +5 others)

Skill Rate: 20x
Magic Level Rate: 7x
Loot Rate: 2.5x
Client: 8.6

(faction system, join one of the factions, do tasks for them and get access to unique features)

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